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I am a recent Cal grad working in Silicon Valley with a passion for communications, marketing, & changing the world

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About Me

I'm a recent UC Berkeley grad who studied Economics and English, and is currently working in Marketing in Silicon Valley. I'm passionate about making the world a better place, investing in the next generation, and very green smoothies.

Lifestyle Blog

 I recently started a blog to talk about real life, as well as tips and thoughts on love, health, fitness, fashion, travel, and so much more. Lavender & Laughter is a place to share my life and connect with others.

Photo Gallery

Photography is huge passion of mine because it allows me to capture memories. I love to photograph my travel adventures and whatever I create in the kitchen. To get a glimpse into how I see the world click on the link below.

Email Campaigns

As  President of the UC Berkeley Undergraduate Communications Association, and the previous Marketing Vice President, I write a lot of emails, updates, agendas, and newsletters.


Public Speaking is one of my passions. From speeches and case competitions to pitching nonprofit ideas and leading our UCA meetings I have a lot of experience.

Writing Portfolio

I've been writing everything from poems to speeches, since I was young. I am currently collaborating on copywriting the new and improved website for UCA. 

Stay tuned!

About Me

My Background

Since I was young my family has called me curious Kaitlin, because I always ask questions and want to learn more. Cal has given me a place to explore everything from gender and women studies to astronomy to labor economics; I learn at least three new things a day! Studying Economics and English has given me both the analytical skills and the communicative skills to go into the business and marketing world. My experience as an administrative assistant and a marketing & analytics intern has given me a solid foundation in marketing, market analysis, customer management, and furthered my communicative skills.

My Passion

When I was little, if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I'd say a Princess. I loved tiaras and being in charge. If you asked me what I wanted to do when I grew up I would answer "help everyone in the world". Now that I have grown up, a little more at least, I realize that this is a task too big for one person, but we can all help our little corner of the world. This is what I would like to do. To help young girls become more confident in themselves and in their abilities, to make marketing more inclusive and representative of all, and to be a role model in the ever male dominated business world. 

Current Projects

* Demand Generation

* Google Adwords Campaigns

* LinkedIn Ad Campaigns

* Influencer for College Candy

* Lavender & Laughter Blog

* Email Campaigns